At Pinnacle Law Firm, we are proud to represent families, surrogates, and donors of all kinds as they navigate the legal aspects of assisted reproductive technologies. Our team focuses on working with clients closely to understand their particular goals, concerns, and relationships and to keep these priorities in mind as matters move forward. We draft and review contracts for parents who are beginning the process of surrogacy with the help of friends, family members or surrogate agencies, or who are receiving donor eggs, sperm, or embryos. Additionally, we work with and support surrogates and donors of all kinds and draft letters for legal clearance to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics. Our goal is to use our expertise to alleviate the legal challenges of surrogacy and donation so that our clients can focus on either growing their family or helping others grow their families and rest assured that both they and their loved ones are protected.

We are also dedicated to supporting both new and seasoned film producers in Los Angeles by providing comprehensive legal services in the field of entertainment. Our staff provides the experience and detail necessary to create and review a wide array of documents necessary to protect your assets, manage your company efficiently, and maintain positive working relationships with permanent employees, subcontractors, and the actors, writers, and directors who work on your production. We work with productions at all stages of film development, from advising on the formation of a production company to counseling the process of sales and film distribution after production.