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In our last post, we talked about a small handful of benefits that come from working with a surrogacy lawyer. Doing so comes with countless benefits, and with this in mind, in today’s post, we will look at three more benefits that working with a surrogate can provide you with.


When you work with a surrogacy lawyer, you are guaranteed that the entire surrogacy process will be completed with a level of quality that you can only expect when working with a professional. Because they have been working in the field for an amount of time, they will be able to handle your entire surrogacy process with the experience and professionalism that they have gained from previous cases just like yours. More specifically however, they will make sure that your process goes exactly as it should on both ends, from start to finish. One way that they do this is by conducting an extensive screening process for both the surrogate and the parents. Both parties want the peace of mind in knowing that the other party is a reliable person with a good medical history and personal background. By working with a surrogacy lawyer, medical assessments will be conducted to ensure that the pregnancy will be a healthy one. Additionally, they also have the ability and resources to look into other aspects of a person’s background, like their financial stability and criminal activity. By going through the process without a surrogacy lawyer, you won’t have the same level of reliability in knowing that all parties involved are stable and healthy in more ways than one.

Accurate and Legal

The surrogacy process is a complicated one that can encounter a fair amount of hindrances if not conducted correctly. With this in mind, when you work with a surrogacy lawyer, you are ensuring that the entire surrogacy process will be conducted correctly and legally. While it may be obvious on the surface, the benefits are key. You want to work with someone who understands the process inside and out, right down to all the minor details that need to be correct in order for the process to move forward. You will make sure that every document and contract that needs to be signed will be 100 percent correct, down to the smallest detail. The process itself is complicated, and the last thing that you want is a minor detail causing an issue or a delay in the process.


As the surrogacy process moves along, both parties can sometimes be in need of the support of someone who understands what they are going through. While the end result will ultimately give each party exactly what they want, getting there can sometimes be a little bit scary, especially for people who may be first time surrogates or parents. As we discussed in part one, your surrogacy lawyer is an experienced professional who thoroughly understands the surrogacy process for all parties involved. Because of this, in addition to providing you with high-quality and accurate legal services, a surrogacy lawyer is also able to help you along in the process, providing you support when you need it most.

These are a few more reasons as to why you should work with a surrogacy lawyer. Between this post and our previous one, we hope you have a better understanding as to the many benefits that working with a surrogacy lawyer can provide you with. Pinnacle Firm is here to provide people in the greater Los Angeles area with professional surrogacy lawyer services. Whether you’re looking to be a surrogate or work with one as a parent, we are here to help you with all of your Los Angeles surrogacy needs. Contact Pinnacle Firm today to find out more information on how we can be of service to you.